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Top-Notch "Enterprise AJAX" Track September 23-26 at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West

Google's Adam Sah, Rearden Commerce Chief Architect Matt Mihic, Nexaweb's Bob Buffone, Sun's Greg Murray...

Architect of Google Gadgets Adam Sah, Nexaweb Chief Architect Bob Buffone, Rearden Commerce Chief Architect Matt Mihic, Terracotta Founder & CTO Ari Zilka, jMaki Principal Architect Greg Murray, Sun Evangelist Arun Gupta, HP Director of PM Siva Darivemula, Teqlo PM Rod Boothby, WebEx VP David Knight, IndustryNext Lead Engineer Adam Breindel, and more.

These are among the more than a dozen high-caliber speakers lined up by SYS-CON Events to speak in the Enterprise AJAX track at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West taking place next month at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA – one of just ten simultaneous content-rich tracks at biggest version yet of the world's leading AJAX, Rich Internet Applications & Web 2.0 event.

The event is expected to attract more than 2,000 i-technology developers. The AJAXWorld Conference & Expo series grew from a single track, one-day seminar, less than a year ago, into a four-day international conference & expo with the following ten tracks:
Track 01: Rich Internet Applications in Action
Track 02: Web 2.0 / Enterprise Mashups
Track 03: Enterprise AJAX
Track 04: RIA Frameworks & Toolkits
Track 05: Security & Performance
Track 06: Hot Topics
Track 07: iPhone AJAX Applications
Track 08: Advanced AJAX
Track 09: Platform Choices / Real-World AJAX
Track 10: OpenLaszlo Diamond Track

Enterprise AJAX Track Sessions include...

Enterprise Comet - Creating a Real, Real-time Experience - Brian Albers & Ari Zilka

Over the next couple of years the world of Internet as we know it will change dramatically, providing users with Web applications that go far beyond what we can create today using RIA platforms such as Dojo and Flash. Next generation Internet applications will provide you with instant news and real-time information without the need for plug-ins or 20th century polling techniques. Imagine using your Web browser to monitor ANY real-time data source, from server statistics to your favorite stock portfolio, with no polling, no plug-ins and no pain! Today we can create highly interactive, plug-in free, Web applications that mimic many of the features provided by desktop applications, but there is still one area that has yet to be fully integrated - scalable server-initiated message delivery - Enterprise Comet.

With a server-initiated message delivery solution such as Comet, we can enable real-time messaging from a Web server to one or more browsers, even if some of those browsers are behind a firewall or proxy server. This is all great, but in a world of massively concurrent persistent connections, this new technique introduces its own challenges. Comet client technology can easily choke many of today's application servers that use blocking IO to service client connections. Luckily, several leading edge application servers, such as Tomcat6, Glassfish and Jetty6, are already working on providing Comet support via Asynchronous Request Processing (ARP), addressing concerns about thread allocation per open connection. In this session we will not only discuss these challenges, but we will also show you how to practically write, deploy and scale out a Comet-based real-time application using Terracotta's JVM-level clustering technology and Enterprise Comet technology - without sacrificing simplicity or productivity.

Speaker Bios: Brian Albers has over 11 years of experience in the field of user interface technologies. Prior to joining Kaazing, Brian worked as Senior Development Manager at Oracle, where he led the planning and designing of the next generation of Oracle's UI technology, an effort publicly known as ADF Faces. During his 10 year tenure at Oracle, Brian worked primarily on mixing cutting-edge technology with large enterprise demands (internationalization, accessibility, scalability). He proposed the open source donation of ADF Faces, which ultimately became the Apache MyFaces Trinidad project. Brian led a cross-team effort to develop a DHTML rich client and a mobile client presentation layer for Oracle's upcoming Project Fusion. In his career, Brian has focused on simplifying complex UI programming models for widespread use, while maintaining backwards compatibility and keeping future flexibility, which now pays dividends in Oracle's effort to move older technologies to its Fusion stack.

Performance-Tune Your AJAX Application - Bob Buffone

As AJAX matures as a technology, its use in large applications has increased significantly. But large applications require more extensive amounts of code, which leads to the inevitable performance bottlenecks and memory constraints associated with non-trivial application development. This session provides detailed information on how to performance-tune large AJAX applications using a variety of available tools and techniques.

Drawing on the experience of having developed large AJAX frameworks, this session will look at a variety of performance bottlenecks that can occur within an application. Special attention will be paid to systematic techniques that yield the biggest return in the shortest amount of time, including: *Using Mozilla's Rhino JavaScript engine as a complete performance-monitoring tool capable of monitoring complete AJAX code bases. *Injecting monitoring code into every function of JavaScript within an application to create a complete performance picture. *Locating performance issues through drilldowns of function call counts, total time spent, average time per call and call stacks. *Start time optimization using Dojo, Gzip, Compression

Speaker Bio: Bob Buffone, Chief Architect, is responsible for platform and tool technology at Nexaweb Technologies, a provider of the Nexaweb Platform enabling enterprise class rich Internet applications (RIAs). He is also a committer on the Apache XAP Project, which provides an extensible framework for declaratively creating AJAX applications. Before Nexaweb, Bob was with Trakus, a technology company focused on tracking sports in real time. A leading expert in user interface design, he is a regular speaker at industry events and has published multiple articles on tool and application development.

The Impact of AJAX Across the Enterprise - Matt Mihic

AJAX's benefits to consumer sites are well known. But what benefits can AJAX bring to enterprise environments? As a more technologically savvy, confident workforce enters the marketplace, the demand for the integration of more consumer-based, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) increases. No longer are immediate search results, mashups, and personalization capabilities confined to consumer sites. This “Consumerization of the Enterprise” is before us and the use AJAX is imperative to its success. This presentation will discuss the significant benefits AJAX brings to enterprise environments and how, through the use of RIAs, increased user adoption and productivity can be achieved.

Speaker Bio: Matt Mihic is Chief Architect and Vice President of Engineering at Rearden Commerce, responsible for the development of Rearden's on-demand Web services platform. He has over 15 years of experience in enterprise software and distributed systems. Before Rearden Commerce, Matt was Group Program Manager for BEA's Web Services and enterprise messaging products. He also served as a distinguished engineer and engineering director at IONA Technologies, Level 8 Systems, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Forget Mashups: Integrate Workflow - Rod Boothby

To date, most mashups have been dashboards that give an end user a unified view of data. That only solves a limited set of business problems. Integrating workflow and helping people to get things done is far more useful to business end users. Blasting through over 400 slides in a raucous 45 minutes, Rod will cover the requirements for the next generation of productivity tools; Ad hoc applications, easily customized by end users, integrated with many SaaS and Enterprise tools, virally distributed, focused on workflow and compatible with both social software tools such as blogs and legacy email and IM.

Speaker Bio: A former Fixed Income Derivatives trader at Wells Fargo, and consultant with Ernst & Young's Financial services advisory practice, Rod has seen how end users really work. In his job as the head of product management at Teqlo, he is now focused on making their lives easier with integrated workflow tools.

jMaki: Multiple Toolkits, Multiple Languages - Greg Murray & Arun Gupta

jMaki is an AJAX framework that provides a wrapper over rich widgets from multiple toolkits such as Yahoo, Dojo, and many others. jMaki-wrapped widgets can be easily used in a JSP, Phobos, Rails and PHP app. This talk will explain what jMaki is show, using live code demos, how easy it is to embed jMaki widgets in JSP, Phobos and Rails apps.

Speaker Bios: Arun Gupta is a Web services and Web 2.0 Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems. He has represented Sun in W3C, WS-I and SOAP Builders. Arun holds a BS in Electronics from Delhi University, India, and and MS in Computers from Delhi University, India. He has presented at multiple conferences and has one patent awarded and three pending related to XML technology.

Greg Murray is deeply involved in the AJAX movement through his participation in the OpenAjax Alliance. Within Sun, he led a grass roots effort advancing the integration of client-side scripting with Java technologies and is the creator and principal architect of Project jMaki. jMaki is an AJAX framework that provides a lightweight model for creating JavaScript centric AJAX-enabled Web applications using Java, PHP, and Phobos using rich AJAX style widgets from popular JavaScript libraries such as Dojo, Script.aculo.us, Yahoo's UI Library, Spry, and Google. Greg recently contributed to the design and development of the AJAX-based Java Pet Store 2.0 Demo and helped create Java BluePrints solutions for using AJAX with Java technologies.

Suite Spot: AJAX Shows the Way to Enterprise Software Success - David Knight

AJAX applications have the potential to break the enterprise stranglehold currently enjoyed by provider of packaged software suite solutions. Currently, smaller software companies are challenged by the fact that potential enterprise customers, having bought a suite solution, will purchase add-on applications from the same vendor, having set a course of “standardizing” on a particular vendor’s products. But the arrival of AJAX holds out the promise of a dramatic change in this situation, as it evolves from a single application platform to a multiple application platform for business use.

In this presentation, the WebEx speaker will discuss how the availability of an AJAX platform for aggregating and monetizing content is likely to dramatically transform the enterprise software business, with end-user companies no longer locked into a single software-suite provider for their applications. He/she will examine how AJAX-enabled platforms can be used to recreate the suite experience in multiple application areas, freeing companies to shop around for the best solution available – or create their own application. The speaker will also discuss how AJAX can allow businesses to recreate the desktop experience and enhance worker productivity with integrated applications. Attendees will learn: · How AJAX has evolved into an applications interaction platform · How new software companies are using AJAX integration platform to challenge traditional software suites · How AJAX platforms will drive a new generation of consumer flexibility and best-of-breed applications.

Speaker Bio: As Vice President of the WebEx Connect division of WebEx Communications, David Knight is responsible for setting the strategic product direction and requirements for the company’s composite collaboration application platform, presence-enabled applications, and associated technology components. Prior to joining WebEx, Mr. Knight held executive positions at Portera Systems, a vendor of professional service automation systems; and Sybase, where he was Director of Internet Middleware, among other roles. He began his management career at Oracle. David Knight holds a bachelor of science degree and master of business administration degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

Success with AJAX: Dynamic Scripting Languages in the Enterprise - Adam Breindel

Enterprise software must be maintainable through a multiyear lifecycle, accommodating reorganizations and personnel changes. Static languages benefit heavily from tools: the build process provides a formal integrity check and dependency analysis. For dynamic languages used in AJAX development, fewer tools exist and pitfalls abound. Dependencies can be hidden; metaprogramming is common; code generation may not be obvious. Dynamic proxies to services make configuration management tricky. This session describes tools and techniques for planning, building, and managing a script-based codebase to enterprise standards. We look at specific design opporunities, preventing common problems, and tools that mitigate risk while improving manageability.

Speaker Bio: Adam Breindel is a lead engineer at IndustryNext, responsible for the architecture and delivery of RIAs. An early adopter of AJAX, he built an AJAX media library/player for startup Mediabolic in 2000. Adam has also tackled integration and mobile challenges, enabling web and mobile access to United Airlines' 40-year-old mainframe.

More About AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West (Sepember 23-26, 2007)

There are ten tracks, 140+ sessions and presentations, and a welter of special events on the Expo floor.

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The conference now includes the world famous AJAXWorld University's AJAX Developer Bootcamp, OpenLaszlo Track and Adobe Flex 3 Developer Bootcamp. This year’s AJAXWorld Expo Floor is expected to display bleeding edge RIA technologies from more than 75 leading AJAX vendors.

Speakers at AJAXWorld 2007 West include:
Brian Albers  –  Danny Allan  –  Christopher Allen  –  Sarah Allen  –  John Andrews  –  Daniel Appelquist  –  Jean-Francois Arcand  –  Erick Audet  –  Alex Barnett  –  Jeremy Bartley  –  Robb Beal  –  Phil Berkland  –  Robert Boedigheimer  –  David Boloker  –  Adam Breindel  –  Robert Brewin  –  Bob Buffone  –  Leugim Bustelo  –  Antony Campitelli  –  Max Carlson  –  Amitav Chakravartty  –  Brian Chess  –  Roberto Chinnici  –  Rod Cope  –  Bradford Cottel  –  Douglas Crockford  –  John Crupi  –  Siva Darivemula  –  Joaquin Delgado  –  John Eckman  –  Yakov Fain  –  John Fallows  –  Jon Ferraiolo  –  Charles Fiesel  –  Ken Gardner  –  Becky Gibson  –  Ted Goddard  –  Sue Googe  –  Nagendra Gulur  –  Arun Gupta  –  Andi Gutmans  –  Kris Hadlock  –  Kevin Hakman  –  Brent Hamby  –  James Harmon  –  Geoff Hendrey  –  Mike Ho  –  Billy Hoffman  –  Kevin Hoyt  –  Johnvey Hwang  –  Jonas Jacobi  –  Joe Johnston  –  Antun Karlovac  –  Charles Kendrick  –  Tamreen Khan  –  Ilan Kinreich  –  Joseph Kleinschmidt  –  David Knight  –  Sam Lawrence  –  Will Lowe  –  Jason MacDonald  –  Stephen Maryka  –  Nilofer Merchant  –  Ali Mesbah  –  Sun Microsystems  –  Matt Mihic  –  Eric Miraglia  –  Richard Monson-Haefel  –  Greg Murray  –  David Négrier  –  Kevin Nethercott  –  Michael Oliver  –  Francois Orsini  –  Adam Peller  –  Michael Pittaro  –  Jouk Pleiter  –  Tatiana Rafique  –  Nandini Ramani  –  John Rowell  –  Rob Rusher  –  Patrick Ruzand  –  Adam Sah  –  Jayant B. Sai  –  Chris Schalk  –  Dylan Schiemann  –  Bill Scott  –  Pothiraj Selvaraj  –  Anil Sharma  –  Archana Shetty  –  Bret Simister  –  Ric Smith  –  Rod Smith  –  Joe Stagner  –  Bryan Sullivan  –  David Temkin  –  Tenni Theurer  –  Lars Trieloff  –  Rowan Trollope  –  Nicolas Vandenberghe  –  Coach Wei  –  Dave Wolf  –  Dave Wright  –  Ari Zilka  –  Daniel Zucker  –  Kris Zyp  –  and more...

AJAXWorld 2007 East Conference & Expo Sponsored by the World's Top  Web 2.0 and RIA Technology Leaders!
AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East sponsors and exhibitors included: Laszlo Systems (Diamond Sponsor), JackBe (Platinum Sponsor), Adobe (Platinum Sponsor), Cynergy (Platinum Sponsor), Backbase (Gold Sponsor) Google (Gold Sponsor), Nexaweb (Gold Sponsor), ICEsoft (Gold Sponsor), Oracle (Gold Sponsor), Helmi Technologies (Gold Sponsor), JetBrains (Gold Sponsor), TIBCO (Gold Sponsor), Kapow Technologies (Gold Sponsor), Sun Microsystems (Silver Sponsor), Parasoft (Silver Sponsor), Servoy (Silver Sponsor), Etelos (Silver Sponsor),  Microsoft (Expo Plus Sponsor),  Lightstreamer (Exhibitor Plus Sponsor),  IT Mill (Exhibitor Plus Sponsor), FrogLogic (Exhibitor Plus Sponsor), ThinWire (Expo Sponsor), Quasar Tecnologies (Expo Sponsor), Zapatec (Exhibitor Plus Sponsor), MB Technologies Bindows (Exhibitor), OpenSpot (Exhibitor), ILOG (Exhibitor), Passport Corporation (Exhibitor), Addison-Wesley (Exhibitor), The Thomson Corporation (Exhibitor), Isomorphic Software-SmartClient (Exhibitor), Universal Mind (Exhibitor), Farata Systems (Exhibitor Plus),  Manning Publications (AJAX Book Sponsor), Apress (AJAX Book Sponsor), Conference Guru (Media Sponsor), Flash Goddess (Media Sponsor), AJAXWorld Magazine (Media Sponsor), Web 2.0 Journal (Media Sponsor), SYS-CON.TV (Media Sponsor), IT Mill (Media Sponsor), Methods & Tools (Media Sponsor), Web 2.0 Journal (Media Sponsor), and OASIS.

As of Today OpenAjax Alliance Members Include: 24SevenOffice, abiss.gr, ActiveGrid, ActiveState, Adobe, American Greetings, Aplix Corporation, Appeon, Aptana, Arimaan Global Consulting, BEA Systems, Cisco Systems, Coradiant, Curl, Custom Credit Systems (Thinwire), Document Advantage, Dojo Foundation DreamFace Interactive, Eclipse Foundation, edge IPK, eLink Business Innovations, ESRI, F5, Fidelity Investments, Finetooth, Getahead (DWR), Global Computer Enterprises, GoETC, Google, Helmi Technologies, HR-XML, IBM, ICEsoft, Ikivo, ILOG, Innoopract, iPolipo, Isomorphic Software, IT MILL, JackBe, Javeline, JSSL, JWAX, Laszlo Systems, Lightstreamer, Microsoft, MobileAware, Mozilla Corporation, NetScript Technologies, Nexaweb, Nitobi, Novell, OpenLink Software, OpenSpot, OpenSymphony (OpenQA), Openwave Systems, Opera, OpSource, Oracle, OS3.IT, RadView, Redmonk, RIFT Technologies, SAP, Scalix, Seagull Software, Service-Now.com, Sitepen, Software AG, Sun Microsystems, Tealeaf Technology, Teleca Mobile, Telerik, The Frontside, Tibco, Transmend, Vertex Logic, Visible Measures, Visual WebGui, Volantis Systems, Webtide, XML11, Xucia, Zend, Zimbra, and Zoho.

More Stories By RIA News Desk

Ever since Google popularized a smarter, more responsive and interactive Web experience by using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) for its Google Maps & Gmail applications, SYS-CON's RIA News Desk has been covering every aspect of Rich Internet Applications and those creating and deploying them. If you have breaking RIA news, please send it to [email protected] to share your product and company news coverage with AJAXWorld readers.

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