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7 Tips to Pick the Perfect Mobile App Development Company

Wednesday 23 July, 2014
If you search for a mobile development or design company to help you with turning your idea into an app, there’s a huge pool of talented developers and custom mobile app development agencies to choose from. Considering the basic fundamentals like the project’s timeline, costs and the scope of development work does play a key role but finding the right strategic company requires a lot more intelligent questioning. This process is risky and confusing at the same time. So how do you make the choice? Read on. 1) Where is it going? You are about to partner with/ hire a company that is going to bring your app to life. But are they only going to:
Take your instructions without offering you any inputs as to how the entire app is going to be structured? How are they going to center their entire development process according to the brand image of the app? These points should be kept in mind. Ensure that they are an extremely proactive company and not just an instruction taking one. The App development team needs to be extremely clear about the big picture and should use their expertise and latest technology to shape your product ensuring that it stands out amongst the rest. Bonus Tip : Whilst they develop an app according to your requirements, you get a detailed insight into their problem solving and software development process which would help you evaluate their brilliance (or lack of it). 2) Know your team players Even though it finally comes down to who is going to be writing the code to build your app, the entire process is about creating a functional design and keeping in mind the user experience too. The team you have chosen should not just be technically sound, but you also need to ask the skill sets of each team member to ensure that they have all the ideas and solutions which your app would need the most. The team must have individual departments for design, development, testing and usability. Also, you need to check whether these departments have a sound understanding of how to build interaction flows that would be extremely user-engaging. Bonus Tip : For a great app, we recommend you choose a development company that works across all platforms and devices as the more compatible your app is, higher are the downloads. 3) Experience does count Yes it does. If you are looking for a great development team, do check their portfolio and compare them to your present app idea. But a colorful portfolio showcasing mobile apps is not enough, as it doesn’t spell out the entire story. The actual results which you must look for within the portfolio are its number of users, successful downloads, profits and in some cases whether they have received funding too. Check their clients and assess how readily would the team lend their contact details so as to receive an honest feedback on their company. (Don’t be mislead by “big” brands and awards, do your research) Bonus Tip : Remember that even though a successful mobile application company would be providing a wide variety of apps, they would have a certain specialization; for example a photography or a food-related app. 4) Coding Skills are just not enough When you’re on the lookout for the perfect mobile application development company, the primary objective should be figuring out how to make your app stand out . A great idea for an app is a must-have, but without spending time on the creative design , your app may fizzle out due to heavy competition. Look for an innovative company with out-of-the-box thinking , as deploying apps created by them, across various stores would be beneficial for your brand image and would boost customer satisfaction too. The team working on your app should have excellent UI/UX skills and a love for simplicity which guarantees user-friendliness. Before the download, what an app looks like is the first aspect that is noticed about it. 70% of what makes it successful is your team’s keen eye for design as it is ultimately about how the user is going to interact with it. Bonus Tip: Even if you choose a brilliant programming team, the code stands null if they don’t possess the requisite exposure of understanding the mobile ecosystem. If the team is unable to catch up with latest UI/ UX trends and how designs and user preferences differ across various App Stores, look for a different company. 5) Building Strong Ties Mobile App Development is not just a one-time activity that gets done and over with once the app is active and running. It’s a long process that constantly goes through many evolutions and technical changes based on constant user feedback and evolving trends. Avoid delays and app hassles by forging strong ties with the team working on your product. Make sure that they are capable of providing sound customer support , as that would represent the brand image of your product. At times, development teams solely focus on creating apps and selling them rather than making them beneficial for customers. As soon as the app is available in the market, they tend to disappear and are never available when assistance is required. Thus, while looking for a company search for a responsible team who will be available at any given point of time and will stick with you throughout the entire development process right from installation to deployment . Bonus Tip : Successful mobile app development companies understand the importance of maintaining transparent communication and would most likely hire a single resource that would be accountable during the entire development process. How would you benefit? You end up saving time as you will not have to constantly explain your project repeatedly to other team members or finding out about the App’s current state. 6) No guarantee without Warranty Developing an app is not exactly a simple process and the scope of finding bugs within the code is possible which mostly remains hidden for months or a year. Your business depends on the smooth functioning of your app and you have all the rights to get a warranty from your development team to fix any problem with the software, or any feature that doesn’t match the provided specifications. Choose responsible developers that offer a warranty to handle any unexpected bugs for at least a stipulated period of time. Bonus Tip : App updates are an add-on, but it’s always better to choose a development team with a brilliant track record and would constantly be around to provide updates to your app; working with the same team for a long period of time would ensure faster updates and a perpetually glitch-free app. 7) Considering more than one opinion Ultimately it is your chosen development company that is going to bring your app to life. Take your time before confirming the deal. Don’t just talk to one developer, but consider opinions of other mobile app development firms too as they would probably have ideas and better technological insights than the others. Remember, changing developers when you are halfway through your project and wasting a huge amount of Dollars can be avoided with this tip. Bonus Tip : While you talk to your potential development company, watch out if they say they never have any bugs in their software or if they are reluctant about declaring their work techniques. Don’t just jot down their answers, but also take into account as to how they answer! If they are offended by your queries, not communication-friendly, and unreliable, be quick to make your decisions. Get started! We hope these points have helped you steer your views in the right direction about choosing the perfect mobile app development company that would convert your idea into a successful product. Good Luck! Do you think we have what it takes to make your App the next big thing? If you have any of the above queries, we would love to hear from you. To find out more or check our work, Contact us on mobisoftinfotech.com

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