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Kevin Benedict's What's New in HTML5

Week of June 3, 2012

Have you noticed how many of your iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps are now in HTML5? I have several that were updated and are now HTML5.  Very cool!

WebMobi has released a mobile HTML5 app creation platform for Blackberry developers, providing features including developer components for the developer to create their own UI in HTML5, jQuery Mobile or Cordova, and a WYSIWYG designer component to create custom HTML5 content. Read Original Content

Verivo Software has added HTML5 support to its enterprise mobile app development platform, enabling developers to incorporate HTML5 content and Javascript into native and hybrid apps. Read Original Content

HTML KickStart is a website development toolkit which contains a set of HTML5, CSS, and jQuery files, layouts, and elements. Read Original Content

Yahoo has announced the launch of an HTML5-based mobile search app, Axis, with search functionality built with HTML5 and running off Yahoo's Cocktails platform, which blends elements of Javascript, SQL and HTML5. Read Original Content

Merchandising content and technology provider Easy2 Technologies is converting its products to HTML5 and eliminating the need to use Flash. “By migrating from Flash to HTML5 we are providing a richer visual experience to shoppers and increased flexibility and scalability to clients and partners.” Read Original Content

The use of HTML5 provides “100 percent pure mobility”, as it works on anything with an HTML5 compliant browser - smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, according to ClickSoftware’s Stephen Smith. Read Original Content

ProPoint Graphics has launched a suite of mobile solutions for business, including mobile app design and HTML5 design. Read Original Content

Kaazing University is offering 13 free HTML5 instructional videos for development of Ultrabook applications. The videos are published on Intel’s Software Network (http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/html5-how-to-video-series-for-ultrabooks/). Read Original Content

The new version of Cubender’s website building platform will introduce many HTML5 features, such as HTML5 audio, video and forms. Read Original Content

Ecommerce Developer provides a list of 17 tools and tutorials to aid developers with creating HTML5 mobile apps and sites. Read Original Content

According to some experts, Facebook should focus efforts on the push for further development of HTML5, rather than to create its own smartphone. Read Original Content

Mediacom and mobile ad network InMobi are collaborating to produce HTML5 ad units using InMobi’s Sprout platform. Read Original Content

Publishing software provider Quark has announced its acquisition of Mobile IQ to expand the company’s enterprise digital publishing solutions. Quark and Mobile IQ share a vision of digital publishing that includes HTML5 and XML. Read Original Content


Kevin Benedict, Mobile Industry Analyst, Mobile Strategy Consultant and SAP Mentor Alumnus
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Full Disclosure: I am an independent mobility analyst, consultant and blogger. I work with and have worked with many of the companies mentioned in my articles.

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Kevin Benedict serves as the Senior Vice President, Solutions Strategy, at Regalix, a Silicon Valley based company, focused on bringing the best strategies, digital technologies, processes and people together to deliver improved customer experiences, journeys and success through the combination of intelligent solutions, analytics, automation and services. He is a popular writer, speaker and futurist, and in the past 8 years he has taught workshops for large enterprises and government agencies in 18 different countries. He has over 32 years of experience working with strategic enterprise IT solutions and business processes, and he is also a veteran executive working with both solution and services companies. He has written dozens of technology and strategy reports, over a thousand articles, interviewed hundreds of technology experts, and produced videos on the future of digital technologies and their impact on industries.

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