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dynaTrace AJAX Edition Celebrates First Birthday with a New Version

A new version of this deep-dive browser diagnostics tool for Internet Explorer

We are celebrating the first birthday of dynaTrace AJAX Edition with a new version of this deep-dive browser diagnostics tool for Internet Explorer. We just recently reached 20k+ active users and are glad that people like Steve Souders or John Resig endorsed this tool in the last year. Download it here!

dynaTrace AJAX Edition celebrates its first birthday with a new version

dynaTrace AJAX Edition celebrates its first birthday with a new version

Thanks for all the great feedback on our dynaTrace Forums, on our blog posts or through twitter. Our community has driven this release and the enhancements we made. Good News is: there is more to come :-)

What’s new in 2.0?

There are several different use cases that we improved

  • Performance Report brings Automatic Performance Analysis based on Best Practices
  • Live Benchmark Data allows you to compare yourself against other web sites
  • Extended Automation Support allows you to get performance relevant data for every dynaTrace AJAX Session

Automatic Performance Analysis
The early adopters already know the first version of this feature from our dynaTrace AJAX Edition 2.0 Beta 1. Based on the Web Performance Optimization Best Practices from dynaTrace, Yahoo and Google we now grade different aspects of the analyzed web site. We look at the usage of Network Caching, Number of Resources on the page, Server-Side and JavaScript Performance as well as overall page load timings.

The new Performance Report replaces the old Summary View and highlights the calculated Rank (A-F) for each different aspect. Individual tabs on the report give you a detailed explanation on what to optimize to improve web page load time, e.g.: spriting of images, setting expiration headers or optimizing JavaScript functions.

Performance Report analysis every page based on common WPO Best Practices

Performance Report analysis every page based on common WPO Best Practices

The individual reports on the tabs include links to additional online material that explains the details behind the analysis as well as how to improve performance in these areas.

Live Benchmark Data
It is good to know how your page compares to common Best Practices, but it is better to know how it compares to others. For that reason dynaTrace is collecting performance data from several thousand web pages on a regular basis to calculate Live Performance Benchmarks. When launching dynaTrace you get the option to download this live data by providing your dynaTrace Community Account. When downloaded, the Performance Report compares your Key Performance Indicators (Ranks, Load Times, Number of Resources, …) against the Live Benchmarks collected by dynaTrace.

Compare your web sites against Live Performance Benchmarks from sites such as Alexa 100, 500 or 1000

Compare your web sites against Live Performance Benchmarks from sites such as Alexa 100, 500 or 1000

The Live Performance Data doesn’t have to be downloaded. You can control whether the data is automatically downloaded for you through the Preferences Dialog. Once opted out you can always opt in at a later point in time. Simply use the Drop-Down Box and select “Refresh Data”.

Extended Automation Support
dynaTrace AJAX collects data through the Add-On in Internet Explorer. It doesn’t matter if what is driving the browser is actually a real person or an automated testing tool such as Selenium, Watir, Quick Test Pro, …

The problem prior to dynaTrace AJAX Edition 2.0 was that there was no convenient way to query data after the test run is finished. We changed this with this release as we allow you to get a performance beacon after a test run is completed. A detailed walk through on how to integrate tools like Selenium and how to get these performance beacons can be found in the following two blog posts:

To give you a feeling on what data this performance beacon includes, have a look at the following sample:

{ "version":"2.0.0",
"url": "www.mydomain.com",
"ranks": {
"cache": {"rank":100, "comment":"" },"net": {"rank":98, "comment":"" },
"server": {"rank":94, "comment":"2 dynamic server-requests" },"js": {"rank":89, "comment":"4 slow JS handlers"}
"xhrnumber":0,"pagesize":264562,"cachablesize":0,"noncachablesize": 264562,
"timeonnetwork": 400,"timeinjs": 30,"timeinrendering":200

This data can also be manually exported/uploaded. In the Performance Report we give you the option to either upload the Performance Beacon to a ShowSlow Instance (publicly available or your own)

Upload Performance Data to a Show Slow Instance

Upload Performance Data to a Show Slow Instance

or to export the captured Network Traffic to the HTTPArchive Format (HAR):

Export captured Network Traffic to HAR

Export captured Network Traffic to HAR

If you are interested in Web 2.0 Automation in your Continuous Integration Environment then you should also look into our Development Team Edition which provides out-of-the-box regression analysis and comparison features across test runs. It also provides full End-to-End tracing, that means, following a JavaScript handler all the way back to the database.

Other Improvements and What's Coming
We have fixed several bugs that were reported in the last couple of months since we released Beta 1. Please have a look at the Release Notes which contains a list of fixed issues.

In order to move dynaTrace AJAX Edition forward we rely on your feedback. There is a Wish List on our Community Portal that you can use to let us know what you would like to have. The hottest topics on there are support for FireFox, IE9 and Memory Diagnostics. Looks like there might be something coming for Christmas :-)

With that I leave you with the Download Link and the updated dynaTrace AJAX Web Site and hope you enjoy and give us more feedback.

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