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DiVitas Extends Its Mobile UC Client Offering to Include Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Desktop

DiVitas Networks™, the leader in Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC), announced today that it is the first solution to offer Enterprise Social Networking on all major commercially-available mobile smartphones – including its new web client support for the Android, Blackberry and iPhone, as well as a desktop soft client. This announcement makes DiVitas the most “customer-friendly choice” Mobile UC solution on the market.

DiVitas made its solution available on Nokia Eseries and Nseries and select Windows Mobile smartphones in May 2007. Last month, DiVitas announced its support for additional Windows Mobile smartphones through its collaboration with Samsung. With today’s announcement regarding Android, Blackberry and iPhone, DiVitas achieves availability of its solution on all major commercially-available smartphone platforms.

Enterprise Social Networking

DiVitas mobilizes the existing deskphone number to provide business voice on a smartphone. Furthermore, DiVitas integrates business voice with IM and social-networking applications such as Status and Mobile Presence, which includes a person’s availability, location and network. DiVitas enables individuals to stay engaged and to connect with one another on first attempt. DiVitas accesses contacts directly from the organization’s LDAP directory to provide one-click access to any member within the secure community directly from the smartphone interface. This means all applications within the DiVitas solution – voice, business number, and social networking – leverage this integrated directory to make communication both easy and predictable. Individuals within the secure community (colleagues within the organization) can check one another’s availability (via Mobile Presence and Status) in order to make more intelligent communication choices, for example, choosing to call or IM depending on a person’s stated preferred mode of contact. This proactive communication approach dramatically reduces missed calls by increasing the probability of connecting on first attempt. Making the workforce more reachable significantly increases productivity.

New DiVitas Web Client Offers Unprecedented Flexibility and Simplifies Device Management

The new DiVitas web client for Android, Blackberry iPhone and desktop is as flexible and easy to use as it is straightforward to support and manage. The DiVitas web client bypasses the need for end users to download client software from mobile-phone vendor stores, avoiding accidental downloading of incorrect and incompatible software versions. IT or service providers will continue to maintain version control over the DiVitas web client, just as they have with the DiVitas native client. Clicking the DiVitas icon on the phone’s native screen launches the most current version of the DiVitas Client from the IT or service provider controlled server. The DiVitas Server supports both the new DiVitas web client and the DiVitas native client simultaneously.

Acknowledging the increasing trend towards “Bring Your Own” (BYO) phone” for work, DiVitas now offers customers freedom of choice over the mobile handset on which to install their DiVitas Client.

Key Features and Benefits of the DiVitas Web Client:

  • Easy access to the client software via the web
  • Nothing to download or upgrade
  • IT or service provider maintains control and management over software versions and client/server synchronization
  • Consistent client application look-and-feel across all handsets and desktops
  • Minimizes the need for extensive user training while making it easier to manage and support
  • Ideal for supporting BYO phones with minimal overhead
  • Provides end-users with freedom of choice over their handset selection


“Universities constitute one of the most diverse handset ecosystems, where IT has minimal control over selection of handsets or carriers by students,” said Ron Hutchins, CTO of Georgia Institute of Technology. “With support for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, DiVitas would be able to offer handset and carrier choice that would be very appealing in a college campus environment.”

“We have been collaborating with DiVitas and are excited that their client is now available on iPhone and other popular handsets on campus,” said David Wirth, Director of Operations at Princeton University.

“Being handset agnostic has always been as important to us as being PBX and WLAN agnostic,” said Vivek Khuller, President and CEO of DiVitas Networks. “Over the course of the last two years, we listened to our customers, and then came up with a solution that gives them not only the handset choice that they were looking for, but also features such as consistent user experience, customizable features and minimal device management. The new client is zero-touch, i.e., there is nothing to download, upgrade or manage. And being server-based, it provides IT and service providers complete control and flexibility.”

“Enterprise data, custom applications and line-of-business applications are increasingly taking up residence on the Web as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings,” said Brad Shimmin, Principal Analyst, Collaboration and Conferencing for Current Analysis. “The reasoning is apparent and compelling. IT departments can future-proof investments, as updates ‘just happen’ without substantial downtime, reducing management and support costs. And they can at last operate as a flexible, service-oriented entity, driving business rather than merely supporting legacy equipment investments. The drivers behind this march to the cloud include the meteoric rise of social networking, the accompanying blurring of personal and business-user personas and the empowerment of mobile devices. I am impressed with DiVitas’ forward thinking in this area – I believe they are absolutely on the right track.”

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About DiVitas Networks

Founded in 2005, DiVitas Networks has rapidly become the leader in Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC). A next-generation platform for business communications and collaboration, DiVitas Mobile UC unifies business voice with social networking to significantly improve individual and overall organizational efficiency. Customers depend on DiVitas to: Actively engage with others by viewing Mobile Presence and Status to inform and collaborate; Connect on first attempt using business voice and IM to reach and respond; Stay connected and engaged by roaming seamlessly between WiFi and cellular networks. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, DiVitas Networks is backed by Clearstone Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures and SVB Capital. More information is available at www.divitas.com.

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